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Sport Horse Breeding

Between the years of 1873 and 1882 no fewer than 197,002 horses were imported into England, chiefly for the army, at a relative cost today of £250 million. Consequently, the Government at that time was greatly in favour of encouraging the breeding of horses in this country.

This crisis in the British Equestrian Industry coincided with a decision made at a November meeting in 1884 by the Hackney Horses Society’s Council. It was decided to include a class for Thoroughbred stallions suitable for use as hunter sires at their annual show and a ‘Committee of Management’ was formed to administer this new venture. This was followed up a year later at another meeting where a proposal led to the formation of a Society for improving the breed of the hunter type horse. The existing Committee of Management responsible for the Thoroughbred Stallion Classes agreed to form the new Society, and the Hunter’s Improvement Society (H.I.S.) was born.

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Sport Horse Breeding
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Posted Monday, November 22nd, 2010

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