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Anna holds a Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour & Training, from COAPE (The Centre of Applied Pet Ethology). The training covered a diverse range of topics from evolution and psychology to physiology and nutrition, explaining the science behind how animals view the world, and why they sometimes have difficulties in coping with life. The studies and qualifications allow Anna to remedy a wide assortment of animal behaviour problems ranging from aggression and pulling, to toileting problems or noise phobias.

Anna has owned dogs for many years and has worked with a wide variety of dogs and puppies. She started Pawsability after working for over 20 years solving business problems, allowing her to amalgamate a life long animal love with her in-depth problem solving experience.

Pawsability is simply about bringing out the best in your pet through gentle and effective means, and really taking on board the fact that your pet suffers from similar emotional stressors as we do. Humans can talk about their problems, tell someone and think about what action to take to sort them out. Unfortunately our pets are limited in what they can do for themselves to change things. We therefore need to step in and help, by really understanding the motivation and emotion behind their behaviour, and then looking at ways to resolve the emotional turmoil, and help them get back to normality.

Anna is a Practitioner Member of the COAPE Association and a founder member of the Scottish Pet Behaviour Society.

Where are we?
Pawsability is based just outside Perth
. In order to provide you with the most effective follow up service, we aim to keep business relatively local and work in Perth and the surrounding area (including West Fife, Dundee and Stirling). If you need help in Glasgow or Edinburgh or other areas please have a look at the Pet Behaviour and Training links. The pet links page is frequently updated to help you find local solutions for your pet’s needs.

What does being a COAPE Association Behaviour Practitioner mean? 
Well, for a start, it’s quite a mouthful! So, it’s kindly shortened to CABP. It means that Anna has studied under the country’s most eminent experts in Pet Behaviour and Training, and has been accepted and formally registered to practice as a member of the COAPE Association of Practitioners. Not only does this mean that Anna has the backing of these experts, but it also creates a global wealth of knowledge which can be called upon at any time, when more tricky cases present themselves. We also have a very active forum which we use to keep up to date with the behaviour and training information, and have active discussions about the more complex cases.

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Posted Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

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