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Northern Ireland Horse Board

The Northern Ireland Horse Board is a registered Co-operative Society for people involved in the horse industry in Northern Ireland. It has been formed to give breeders a voice in decisions relating to the Irish Horse Register and in the future direction of breeding in the Irish Sport Horse Industry.


  • To maintain the Irish Horse Register in Northern Ireland
  • To provide registration at affordable prices
  • To encourage greater use of the IHR by NI breeders
  • To improve the quality of stock bred in Northern Ireland
  • To encourage and implement marketing initiatives
  • To work closely with the Irish Horse Board in areas of mutual benefit
  • To identify and publicise successful NI bred horses

Northern Ireland Horse Board
23 Ballykeigle Road
Co Down
BT23 5SD  Tel:
Fax: 028 9752 8324
028 9752 8500

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Northern Ireland Horse Board
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Posted Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

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