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Helen’s Pet Care Service

Hello, my name is Helen and I’m the founder of Helen’s Pet Care Service. I’m a friendly and caring pet care business that is based in West London.

I’m originally from Swansea, a beautiful and vibrant city, in South Wales where I grew up in a close family with good friends. As a child growing up we had a Poodle called Socks, a Springer Spaniel called Mitzey, a cat called Bonnie and a Hamster called Lucy, which we all loved and where I gained my first experience of animal care from.

As far back as I can remember I’ve always loved and respected animals and I would always stop and pet a cat or dog if one crossed my path (I don’t think I’d never not make a fuss).

My two dogs have now passed away. And my cat Bonnie died on January the 5th 2009 aged 20 from old age.

My previous employment has been a care assistant and a support worker for the elderly. Then a support worker for Austic young adults within the social services, which I worked for when I lived in Wales. Then 7 years ago i packed it all in, and I moved to London to study music. Much to everyone’s surprise. I then gained a national Diploma and a foundation in popular music and did my grades 1-8 in piano and music theory. Then I started to teach music from my home teaching children to play the piano and keyboards and to learn music theory. And at the same time I started to work for a pet sitting company and where I gained more experience of looking after animals. Then in January 2005 I decided to start my own pet care business.

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Helen’s Pet Care Service
Posted Saturday, November 6th, 2010

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