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Four Paws

BEARS: The Bear Forest in Müritz, Germany, welcomed two more bears, Katja and Ida from the zoo Kalletal. The dancing bear park in the Bulgarian Belitsa also welcomed three new inhabitants. Moreover, the Bear Forest in Arbersbach, Austria, has been extended. On the Bear Orphans’ Station in Harghita (Romania), seven bears could be released in the wild this summer.

STRAY ANIMALS: In Eastern Europe, there are many stray dogs and cats. FOUR PAWS succeeded in the year 2009 to neuter and treat 7,358 dogs and cats in the course of the “Stray Animal Care”-project – in comparison, the year before there were “only” about 4,500 animals neutered. After the neutering, most of the animals were released again, and many of the dogs and cats were lucky to find a new owner.

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Four Paws
Posted Friday, November 26th, 2010

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