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Diva Dogs

Diva Dogs, the brain child of Louise Harris and Janet Sapiano a mother and daughter team who where inspired to start Diva Dogs because of Lola, the adorable yorkshire terrier and baby of the family.

Having lavished Lola with gifts and luxurious items from the day she was brought home it seemed only natural to help other pet owners do the same. This is why at Diva Dogs we ensure that all our products are of highest quality and latest fashion, but most of all they are comfortable and pooch friendly.

Our Grooming parlour was a must after we realised that not ALL grooming parlours treat your pet as you would like. Past experiences with Lola of shaking and returning to us terrified after her grooming visits meant that it was vital for us to create a calming and unintimidating haven for dogs. We love your dogs just like you do.

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Diva Dogs
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Posted Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

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