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All Pet Services

The UK’s free pet service finder, everything from dog walking to pet health and nutrition

Why we started

Trawling the internet to find pet services was very difficult, so many websites covering everything from pet grooming to local pet shops, but none quite offering what we were looking for. When somewhere was found, such as pet sitting services, it did not cover our area. In most cases we found that websites would also charge for pet services adverts, which is understandable as they need to cover their costs and make a profit. But we wanted to be different, so we developed All Pet Services to provide a totally free service supported by volunteers; pet owners who wanted to help others.

So what categories does cover?

Pet sitters and dog walkers -Pet Sitters, Pet Sitting Organisations, House Minding Services, Dog Walkers.
Pet boarding – Dog Kennels, Catteries, pet accommodation, and more.
Vets or veterinary – Local and National Veterinary Services.
Pet Grooming – Dog Groomers, Grooming Parlours, Grooming Equipment.
Pet training and behaviour – Dog Training Classes, Dog Behaviourists, Dog Trainers, Behaviour Courses.
Pet health and nutrition – Holistic Pet Care, Aromatherapy, Natural Pain Relief, Magnotherapy.
Pet shops – Local and National Pet Shops and pet suppliers.
Equine – Riding Schools, Stabling, equine equipment and more.
Pet breeders – Dogs, Cats, Birds, Hamsters, Rabbits and more.
Other pet services – Any pet services not in the other categories.

What are the benefits for pet service providers and pet owners?

Providers of pet services can place advertisements for free in one or more of the service categories for pet boarding, pet grooming, pet health & nutrition, pet sitters, dog walkers, equine, vets or veterinary services, pet shops, pet training, pet breeders, and more. There are no fees for placing adverts here.

People requiring pet services can search the listings by category and geographically to find the service they want in the area where they live. So, whether you are looking for someone locally to look after your dog whilst away, a nearby dog breeder, or an equestrian centre, you can find the service you want here on

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All Pet Services
Posted Saturday, November 6th, 2010

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